Games to Look Foward To This Year

With the release of Dead Space 2 and Little Big Planet 2, along with a few other titles coming out right around the corner and a handful of analysts going over the gaming sales drop of 2010. This year is looking like the year of sequels to big titles, there is only one original game is in this list. Some titles might delay to 2012 or Forever but let’s hope that won’t happen and this isn’t every video game coming out this year just what a lot of people are expecting, not everyone but a lot, so give or take some titles might be missing. Though it might seem a little late but this is a large list so without delay!

Mass Effect 3
Catering to both PS3 and Xbox 360 everyone will be able to get a piece of the last of the trilogy from Bioware’s action RPG series.

Mortal Kombat
Though Midway faded away and closed down Warnber Bros. won’t let Mortal Kombat suffer the same fate. This revamped MK game looks like what everyone wanted for this generation of consoles and don’t forget the inclusion of Kratos for the PS3.

L.A. Noir
Rockstar claims that this game will be ground-breaking and from the looks of the trailers they might be right. This game will standout with it’s noir film look of 1947 LA. Let’s hope Rockstar is right on this one and have they made a terrible game yet?

Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception
Adding another notch to Nathan Drake’s adventures, this time we follow Drake and company to the middle eastern locations like the Rub’al Khali desert. But understand the graphics alone doesn’t sell the game, it’s the story.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Bethseda’s 5th title to the Elder Scrolls games will drop this winter. The detailed landspaces of Nirn will be powered through the new Creation Engine.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The prequel to the hit PC series will be joining the consoles this year. Eidos and Square will be working together to release this title.

Ico and Shadow of Colossus Collection
Team ICO will rerelease their artistic PS2 titles, Ico and Shadow of Colossus together on the same Blu-Ray disc with full HD compatibility.

Duke Nukem Forever
The Duke Nukem game that was planned to release back in 1998 looked like it was never going to happen. With several people excited about the release date which is May 3 it looks the delayed rumors are squashed. The first playable demo at the Penny Arcade Expo and the reveal trailer that just came out things are looking up. Just cross your fingers for this year.

Dragon Age II
Dragon Age II will be running on an updated engine from the previous titles. The main character is fully voiced and the wheel based dialogue system from Mass Effect is included. Saved information from the previous Dragon Age games may affect the non-linear story.

Crysis 2
Unlike the first Crysis and Far Cry this game won’t take place in the jungle instead it’s in a war torn New York city. Crysis 2 will be showing off the new CryEngine 3, and it will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 with the PC.

Gears of Wars 3
Gears 3 will feature three new playable female characters and one male and a four play co-op. New weapons will be available and a fully controllable mech suit.

Batman: Arkham City
Rocksteady Games rebooted the Batman games just like how Nolan rebooted the movie franchise. With a new interrogation feature to shakedown thugs, more gadgets and an emphasis on forensics rather than seek-and-find clues.

Resistance 3
The third title to the WWII/scifi shooter will feature new and classic weapons which will be upgradeable. There is a new feature of assembling scrap together to create weapons, for example frag grenades are the result of the combination of bean cans and nails.

Portal 2
Valve’s sequel will have the same portal gun from the first but the physics of the environment will complete puzzles. The PS3 version will include a PC/Mac copy and feature cross platforming mulitplayer and chat through a Steam account that can link to the users PSN.

Killzone 3
This sequel will have new weapons and more responsive controls than the last. The vast environment is the big draw for this time, instead of focusing on larger monsters to fight, Guerrilla expanded the levels so you can reach a goal from several paths.

Alice: Madness Returns
The sequel to the dark themed, cult-classic American McGee’s Alice. Alice returns to Wonder Land after she is released from Rutledge Asylum.

Infamous 2
Sucker Punch is planning to push over 50% of the PS3’s cell processor. They redesigned Cole’s image, his powers to include an ice element and improved on the open world.

Red Faction: Armageddon
Fully destructible objects is what made this series kick off since game 1. Again you can reclaim fortifications and free fellow colonists but this time from aliens. And there will be a new exterminate mode for multiplayer, the players will be fighting off waves of enemies.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
This sequel switches to a simplified three-button control scheme and include more combos. New modes are added like “Mission Mode” where you complete challenges to each character and story mode with unique endings. 36 characters will be available and 2 additional as DLC.

Forza Motorsports 4
Featured at E3 2010, the player can use the Kinect to steer while driving or walk around freely around the car. Highlighting parts of the car will access a showcase of that feature such as the engine, headlights, or breaks. The player can even enter the car and start the engine.

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