Mass Effect 3 Will Feature Mulitplayer

Mass Effect will have a mulitplayer feature called “Galaxy At War” as the last of the trilogy concludes Commander Shepard’s adventure.

It will be a four player co-op mode but players won’t be able to choose Shepard but instead create a whole new character. Six races will be available (Human, Krogan, Asari, Drell, Salarian or Turian) among the six will be six different classes. The game modes will consist of two objectives. Either holding off waves of enemies or invading a position, while smaller objectives such as hacking will tip the tables to your advantage. As players progress they will level up ranks and unlock new weapons and powers. If you’re taken down your character will bleedout waiting to be revived if the time runs out you’ll have to respawn during the next wave, if everyone is taken down then it will be game over.

Galaxy at War will tie into the single-player mode’s story and effect the storyline giving a different experience than an entire single-player run.

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