Metro: Last Light

Metro: 2033 is a remarkable game. A lot of titles try to evoke despair and fleeting hope with adventure but 2033 is one of the best in the form of an fps. It had a survival feel; traveling in dark tunnels with only a flashlight, needing to scavenge for weapons and air filters or replace a broken gas mask. There were various enemies whether it is a human renegade or mutants. Though, 2033 has it’s shortcomings 4A Games will be improving those flaws in the sequel Metro: Last Light.

The story will take place after the “bad” ending of the predecessor in which the supernatural Dark Ones were attacked from the protagonist Artyom. Now there is a power struggle between the communists of the Red Line stations against the Reich and other station-cities. While trying to stop the underground war from destroying other station-cities Artyom is on a mission to find the “Prisoner” who apparently is a crucial element to peace and survival.

4A Games will feature a new engine of detailed models, dynamic effects, textures and importantly lighting. Unscrewing light bulbs, shooting light bulbs firing at pots of fires since a key element of the gameplay are the shadows. The handmade guns are back and will have a more powerful feel. Enemies will react more critical to shots whether it hits their armor or themselves and the shots alone will cause more damage. Recently, the demos showed the improvement of action aspect of the title while the surviving elements will remain, not much detail has been released.

Metro: Last Light is scheduled to release this summer.

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