From The Darkness to the Witchblade

Yesterday, The Darkness 2 came out. The demo caused a huge stir of excitement and now gamers finally have the final copy in their hands. Like all sequels, they added and changed a few things but the most notable change is the color scheme and texture, to give the game more of a graphic novel feel. It has a toon shader (a cell shading technique) to outline surfaces and bright colored textures to pop up. It’s a good reminder that it is based off the comic series and now since Darkness 2 is a success, it should be time for someone to focus on the Witchblade series.

Yes, this is a an idea or a pitch for a Witchblade game. Years ago, people scoffed at an idea of The Darkness game. In the right hands, anything is possible.

Just like The Darkness, Witchblade is an ancient semi-organic structure that uses a host to wield it in a symbiotic fashion. It is the balance offspring of The Darkness – Chaos and it’s rival The Angelus – which represents Order. However, in Witchblade, the hosts are only female. The stories even have a slight Assassin’s Creed-esque history like Cleopatra and Joan of Arc wielding the Witchblade.

The abilities and powers granted by the Witchblade are vast. Defensively, it can create a full body of armor, heal any wounds or create wings to fly. Offensively, it can create weapons (swords, spears, blades, hooks and chains, etc…) or fire bursts of energy from the hand or weapon. It also can control the elements, reanimate the dead and show the host visions of past hosts.

Keeping these facts of the Witchblade in mind, the game would have to be a third person experience with fast and furious gameplay that incorporates various weapons and styles at once. You could switch from fighting without the Witchblade using hand-to-hand combat and guns (usually for stealth missions) while activating the Witchblade will give access to its abilities.

Acrobatic gameplay is a must as well. Climb and run up walls to excel combat or to evade it, grapple the wall from a fall, dash in the air or while on the ground along with the usual backflip, double jump and wall jump.

A toon shaded texture will give it a unique look and feeling making it closer to the Darkness universe that’s already created. Also, worth mentioning, is that character designer Kristen Carter made an interesting low poly model of The Witchblade here.

Lastly, the DLC can be Witchblade missions from previous hosts. Anyway, this was merely a thought that occurred during The Darkness demo. If the story will keep going in the direction it is, then the Witchblade and Angelus will show up very soon in the game series but most likely to fight with and against The Darkness. Time will tell.

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