E3 2012 Watch Dogs

Ubisoft surprised everyone with last nights announcement of their upcoming new IP Watch Dogs as it closed the press conference. In a near future everyone’s information is stored in all forms of data data however it can easily be accessed remotely by hackers.



The backstory begins in 2003. A disgruntled employee, Raymond Kenney, sabotaged New York’s electricity grid using a virus thus he put the entire state in an utter blackout. Hundreds of people were injured and 11 people died during then.

To prevent that from happening again the government created CTOS – Central Operating System – an operating system that controls the electricity grids, traffic lights and subway lines. A computer runs the city. Howsoever, private companies use CTOS to gather personal data such as citizen profiles everything is now interconnected. A scary world huh?



The anti-hero that gameplay demos has the ability to hack into CTOS. Jamming phones, eaves dropping on calls, disabling traffic lights and reading personal data are only a few things that Aiden Pearce can perform. He kicked ass with a night stick and handled a gun fight in the middle of a traffic accident (that he caused digitally). Seriously, Watch Dogs is a game to keep an eye out for.

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