Pixel8Bit Episode 7 – Game Gospel

If you’ve never touched a video game in your life, and have always wanted try them out, but don’t know where to start? Then join ToastmanX, Luciferbelmont, Maestro, Linch and Halacy, in this crazy episode 7. If you like movies then you’ll like video games. But don’t worry we recommend trying out what you will possibly like. We also talk about Zenimax and the lawsuit concerning Oculus, Ubisoft making games to help out treat people with lazy eye, and much more.

Ref: Maximillian Dood

2 thoughts on “Pixel8Bit Episode 7 – Game Gospel

    1. Thanks for listening and the kind words.

      We are individually on Facebook but not BlisterGaming or Pixel8Bit themselves. I’d love to share our future podcasts in the group and reach out to fellow gamers who may be interested. Thank you for the link and the info, we’ll be paying a visit soon (Davey Jones’s Locker is the Facebook name).

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