Black Mirror – Big Money

By Arnold Bowen

That black screen in your pocket, on your console, your iPad, and your PC has generated up to $91 billion dollars last year according to Super Data – the gaming industry’s research provider. The expansion of gaming access from the console to the cloud and every source in-between (including the web-based YouTube and Twitch) has increased the popularity and the monetary rise of interactive entertainment.

Today’s games are attracting individuals of all generations. And now that mostly half of the interactive gamers are female, and with the mobility of the gaming industry, the sales are higher than ever. Although game developers and publishers took a hit in 2014 when the topic of women and violence rose to the fore, the profit margins in the gaming industry steadily increased.


This year Nintendo introduced its hybrid console namely “Switch” to the industry. A device that can be played on-the-go or at home via TV. In addition to Nintendo, the creation of such captivating games as “Pokémon-Go” by Niantic and “Clash of Clans” from Supercell, that are readily accessible and easy to use, makes it not a wonder why the tablet/portable industry is booming.

The future of interactive entertainment seems bright. The numbers look good. Who knows where gaming will take us tomorrow. Let’s enjoy the ride.







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