Pixel8Bit Episode 16 – The Bad, The Good, and The Drama

This is it! The E3 edition! We tell ya the bad and the good shown at E3 and we’re not short on the drama in the news: Microsoft and Sony don’t play nice over crossplay, Vivendi gets hostile with Ubisoft, if you play any Paradox games check your region for inflation on prices and IO Interactive and Hitman go fully third party and keep their jobs… Looks like Atart might have a comeback or a retro return. Join Luciferbelmont, Linchlord, Halacy, ToastmanX and Maestro as we test if our predictions for E3 were fact or fiction.

A reaction video of the Sony, Bethesda and Microsoft conferences:



Pixel8Bit Reactions: Sony Playstation E3 Conference 2017



Pixel8Bit Reactions: Bethesda E3 Conference 2017



Pixel8bit Reactions: Microsoft’s XBOX E3 Conference 2017

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