Pixel8Bit Episode 26 – A New Era of Sports Video Games


Join the usual suspects for a sports themed episode looking at new titles dropping this season. We have in-depth analysis on NBA Live, NBA 2K18, Madden ’18 and WWE 2K 18! What new features are raising the bar and standing out from anything we’ve seen before. It’s a full sports episode from combine to the gridiron!

2 thoughts on “Pixel8Bit Episode 26 – A New Era of Sports Video Games

  1. The one thing that pulled me from away from sport games is the minor annual update cost $60. I wish they would release one core game and give it opinion updates at a cheaper rate than buying the full game all over again.

    1. I’ve heard that suggestion several times and I really agree about it. I would get one big sports game and sit on that for years. The last NBA game I got was 2K12 because of the Jordan era but I wholeheartedly agree. I can imagine production costs being cheaper for yearly DLCS and game engines upgrading or changing would cost more but it would be a larger update. However, it’s core base is still into physical copies 😦

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