Pixel8Bit Episode 30 – Resident Evil & Silent Hill

The boys are back and wish the best to Kaura as she hits up Twitch-con and other conventions. We keep the Horror month rolling by talking about 2 iconic horror games: Resident Evil and Silent Hill. We discuss our experiences, personal takes and opinions about the games. Then we have a solemn send off to Visceral Games and we hope everyone there land on their feet. EA shut them down and we’re left guessing why.

[Edit: Maestro mentioned Space Hulk that’s a different game he meant Space Hulk: Deathwing]


Did you hear? Pyramid Head is the executioner of Silent Hill. More details in the episode.

Resident Evil 1 – Intro Uncut [HD 1080p / Remastered]


Halacy’s co-op horror game


Maestro’s co-op horror game



Goodbye to our favorite maintenance man Isaac Clark, we hope to see you again 


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