Pixel8Bit Episode 31 – Legitimacy of Some Video Game Reviewers

[Correction: We called Venturebeat’s video of Cuphead from Dean Takahashi a review it was actually his gameplay video from Gamescom. They had to rely on his gameplay because no one else was available to attend for the recording.]

Have trouble upgrading in Mass Effect? Stuck in the Cuphead tutorial for over 10 minutes? Tough aiming in Doom? Can’t tell the difference between FIFA and the Football Manager series? Alien: Isolation too hard to play through while on hard mode? If “yes” to these then you might have a chance to being a reviewer! We joke and jab about the silliest reviewers that journalists have brought us. We give the full scoop on the NeoGaf drama and where things are going from there. The Pixel8bit is crew is delivering in this one!



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