Exploring Cyberpunk 2077 – Classes

Classes are an important aspect to an open-world RPG like Cyberpunk 2077 even moreso the pen-and-paper RPG series the game is based off which has an assortment of roles, about ten depending on the game. The options in the ‘2077 are narrowed down to playing as a Netrunner, Techie or Solo. Once you choose your class you won’t be locked to it, instead you’ll be able to branch off and select abilities from other classes.

This will explore the three roles you have available and how the remaining roles from the source material will be implemented in the game.


The hacker class of the Cyberpunk universe can explore the net to secure specific data that requires logging directly to the net from installed cyberware. Hacking simple things like vending machines or security codes to offensive actions like hacking a rivals implants or turrets depends on the tier of the gear which ranges from zero to five. Netrunners also have a unique tool called the Nanowire for hacking anything from a distance. This role primarily focus on a stealth gameplay to gain easy access to shortcuts and get past NPCs with ease.


These guys are engineers, weaponsmiths and mechanics; they tinker, repair and can craft guns and technology. Where Netrunners digitally unlock a door, Techies can find an access panel and rewire it. They also have access to. the Flathead, a military bot that the Techie can view through to sneak around for recon or dispatch enemies remotely.


The gunman class who deals out damage and can take a beating. Solos are soldiers-of-fortune hired by corporations and Fixers to be bodyguards or hitmen because of their military background. The Solo’s upgrades augment their strength to tearing out gun turrets for mobile use, forcing open elevators and breaking locks. Truly, Solos are the brute force that you would want if you’re looking to go nuts with gunplay.

Again, these roles specify certain skills and gameplay and can be mixed together – a Solo who knows their way around crafting and modding their own firearms or a Netrunner who is no pushover either, the chose is up to you.

Other Classes

As mentioned earlier, the pen-and-paper origin of this game is full of classes while you can play as the three roles others will show up as NPCs while a couple are lifepaths (Corporate and Nomad). It would make sense for some roles to go to NPCs, not everyone wants to play as a quest-giver.

MEDIA: Comprised of journalists, social influencers, news anchors and media personalities, anyone in media twists the truth for their own benefit or benefactors to sway public opinion.

COPS/LAWMAN: Beat cops and detectives trying to maintain order between street gangs and Corpo mercs some will favor one over the other while some will favor the highest bidder. The Psycho Squad unit or in ‘2077 Cyborg Protection Unit are decked out SWAT officers answering only the most dangerous situations requiring heavy firepower, collateral damage is just word to them as long as they get their target.

FIXER: Information brokers who know what people want and how to get it. Fixers are the middle men who lay low while handing out jobs. Usually the quest-giver in a game, Fixers always has a job for someone.

ROCKERBOY: Rebellious musician or artist who fight authority and corporations. The original pen-and-paper considers them the equivalent to medieval bards. Jonny Silverhand, who we’ve seen in several promos, is the most famous Rockerboy. Not All Rockerboys are musicians they can come in the form of poets off the street, civil rights activists or even selfless, honest politicians.


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