Exploring Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Districts

Night City is the center point of the Cyberpunk RPGs, every game takes place there and ‘2077 will visualize this once glorious city. Originally named Coronado City, development began as a project by Richard Night in 1994 as an ideal city free of corruption and poverty. Four years later, it’s founder was murdered, none knows who’s behind the crime but soon after the mob took over and made it the nightmare Richard Night fought to prevent. Corporations gathered strength and pushed the mob out of the city, a City Council was created putting the corporations at the head of the table, the downtown districts were cleaned up and Night City began, named posthumous after it’s creator.

Paradise didn’t last long as property increased, favoritism in Night City districts made other neighborhoods suffer from poverty and job loss. Corporations favored those who were up the latter and exploited consumers. After four Corporate Wars and a Nuke Incident (2023) in downtown by the Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand and his team to fight Araska, Night City rebuilt in a renaissance age. These districts will detail the type of people, crime rate and control in Night City. V, will navigate throught his world to survive the streets and authorities everywhere. Welcome to Night City.

City Center

City Center is in two sections Downtown and Corpo Plaza. The latter is the heart of the corporations and where money is made. Steel, glass skyscrapers tower over City Center showing power and money. The rivalry of the corporations running the middle of area, Corpo Plaza, caused the Corporate Wars and lead to nuclear destruction of Arasaka’s towers and most of the plaza leading to the creation of Memorial Park. The famous landmark is a beautiful memorial center located at a roundabout-hub that connects all of the major corporations and lesser ones in the Plaza. City Center is where V’s Corpo Lifepath begins.

Where Corpo Plaza is where all of the hard work is down the playing takes place in Downtown. Rebuilt after the nuke, Downtown is now full of upscale nightclubs, restaurants, hotels. bars, strip clubs, you name it, it has everything. A notable bar is 7th Hell, a bar created by a famous mercenary and a popular social spot.

The crime rate is low enough for the NCPD to consider City Center: SAFE, there is a dark side with Black Market dealings and the attractions of Downtown brings all sorts of gangers as long as they behave. The largest factions of City Center are the security companies Arasaka and Militech, as this district is home to their headquarters.


What once used to be an industrial hub populated with restaurants, med centers, corporate offices and market dealings in 2050, Watson filled the void of City Center after it was nuked. Watson has now declined but still maintains a market place though lesser than it used to be and having a port that used to bring in wealth which Arakasa has taken for itself leaving the people of Watson out of work.

Little China is what used to be part of Downtown and was part planning to become the successor to City Center. The club Afterlife is located here, run by ex-edgerunner Rogue who is now the biggest fixer in Night City. She is the ex-girlfriend to Johnny Silverhand and use to run missions with him until the Nuclear Incident. Little China had a large inclusion of Asian immigrants in 2040 hence the name of the sub-district and it’s culture.

The bazaar of Watson is Kabuki, not far from the Med Center that brought success and health to the people of Watson now Kabuki is one of, if not, the poorest district of Night City. Lizzie’s Bar and The Mox reside in this area. Kabuki’s marketplace, though disreputable, has several wares, legal and nonlegal, giving it some value.

The Northside Industrial District (NID) are all but abandoned factories due to Arasaka killing off the other corporations running the sub-district and constant earthquakes. Those still fortunate enough to work are stuck in dead-end jobs with ridiculous amount of hours, practically living to work.

Lastly, the Arasaka Waterfront is Arasaka’s achievement of controlling the ports. A corporate structure built up to inhibit the district’s gangs with motion detectors, electric razor wire and turrets armoring the property. After eliminating the competition and controlling the property, Arasaka runs the local supply chain.

With rampant gang activity the NCPD consider Watson an EXTREME threat level. The Maelstrom’s, Mox, Tyger Claws and Scavs are all over the area. Since abandoned several gangs moved to capitalize all sorts of crime.


A mixed bag of everything is the best way to describe Heywood. It has poverty yet charm, new large erected buildings and shanty towns, some parts safe and other violent. City Center is neighboring the northside of Heywood and the influence of City Center bleeds over. Posh parks and skyscrapers are erected mostly for corporate officers and agents. It’s considered the nicer area of Heywood.

The Glen is a state-owned sub-district of Heywood that redirected and moved after the corporations started controlling the city. Home of Night City’s town hall, mayor’s office, court as well as the NCPD headquarters.

The south of Heywood is other end of the coin. Instead of the apartments and large structures of the north the land is underdeveloped. The slums and poverty reside the southside, as residents move for a safer life more gangs take their place. The Streetkid Lifepath starts here, more specifically the bar, El Coyote Coho.

The NCPD reflects the two faces of Heywood as PARTIALLY HAZARDOUS. The Valentinos are predominantly in Heywood mostly the east and south side clashing with the 6th Street.


Considered one of the best places to live in Night City says a lot about Westbrook since it has seen a considerable amount of damage during the Nuclear Incident on Arasaka. In 2040, restoration efforts took place to with pieces of construction from Westbrook applying to the crater in City Center. Asian corporations created new buildings to this district and restored Japantown, a commercial hotspot for tourists full of gaming parlors, hostess clubs, street food and capsule hotels.

A rich part district bringing in corpos and tourists alike. The prestigious club Cloud is in Japantown. It’s known for offering braindance and catering of exotic foods. The sub-district has a large Japanese population yet large traffic of tourism, as well.

With corpos and tourists all over the place security is tight and strict. NCPD consider the threat level: MINIMAL however the Tyger Claws are all over Japantown and rush the businesses they keep things in-line as much as they can to keep money flowing. The 6th street in Charter Hill don’t tend to crossover to the Tyger Claws.

Santo Domingo

Located far from City Center and Arasaka’s headquarters, Santo Domingo, didn’t see any nuclear damage during the Fourth Corporate War thus ended being a safe haven for the next dozen years for refugees. After the refugees left the district went back to being the city’s industrial park and power plant.

The center of power of the district is Arroyo with old power plants and junkyards getting overtaken by the 6th Street Gang. The running facilities own by corporations such as Arasaka are staffed with security forces.

Rancho Coronado is where the mid-high ranking workers of Arroyo live. It’s a quaint residential community with spacious homes. Quite similar to a 21st century suburb. Those in this is sub-district don’t have to work about jobs, shelter or food as it’s supplied from the company trying to keep the labor of the power center happy.

However, those less fortunate are crowded in megabuildings scraping to survive and doing what every they can to get by. NCPD’s threat level actually exceeds the typical scale but gives a warning of the 6th Street Gang committing acts of violence, robbery and running protection rackets, while these veterans claim to be protecting their homes from hostiles.


Pacifica is an economic disaster that was supposed to be a tourist district for Night City in the 2060s. Pacifica was planned to have cyberware clinics, boutiques for all demographics and over populated with foot traffic day-in and day-out. Investors first seeked out Pacifica to be the newest hotspot but after fear of another war the investors withdrew their funding whether they wanted to invest directly in the war or being caught between it, either way Pacifica was abandoned.

Haitians that fled their home country due to climate change were hired, along side Nomads, to build the tourist location but stayed after the project ended. Attempts to restart the Pacifica project failed with resistance from the community and the Voodoo Boys to the corporate workers and investors. Sub-districts turned into favelas, Pacifica became some dire the NCPD actually withdrew all police units. Thus, A second time Pacifica was abandoned but it’s new residents didn’t leave. The City Council shut down all services to force the locals and Voodoo Boys to leave from attrition but they stayed behind.

Pacifica is not considered a place for someone to visit unless one needs illegal cyberware or rare goods.

Since West Wind Estate and Coast View are considered have turned into combat zones and all of the sub-district has no corporate security or police presence the NCPD’s threat level is CATASTROPHIC. Aside from the threat of the Voodoo Boys or even The Animals moving in there are frequent attacks by Scavengers harvesting organs and implants.


The desert outside of Night City are considered extremely dangerous to the north are derelict oilfields and to the east are the heavily polluted wastelands. But if anyone explores the Badlands or Outskirts on their own they should have the protection to see several landmarks of interest.

The Biotechnia Farms are tent-link structures that produce synthetic protein. Rocky Ridge, a self-contained district that wasn’t fully developed, an abandoned neighborhood but with streets, houses and businesses built up, usually a spot for Nomand squatting. Lastly, the solar power station for an impressive sight of it’s glistening panels.

V’s Nomad Lifepath starts out here at a small mechanics shop as they work on a scheme to smuggle contraband to Night City.

The NCPD has no presence in the Outskirts but has a warning about Nomad groups roaming the areas. Threats of ambush and theft on unsuspecting travelers are a risk. They suggest a surplus of food, water and firearms for means to survival.

Good luck out there.

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