Pixel8Bit: Episode 02

Get your body ready a second episode of Pixel8Bit! We discuss the best games of 2016 with Maestro, Toast, Halacy, and Maestro.  Ever wonder why music in video games keeps getting better and better? We tackle it and discuss some great soundtracks. Oh, and watch out wearing that Fur coat in a video game PETA … Continue reading


In-Depth Look at Art of Battle | For Honor

Ubisoft’s much hyped medieval action title, For Honor, is less than a month away from release. It features an alternate world where vikings, samurai and knights fight each other in duels and wars with a single player campaign but focus primarily for it’s multiplayer the largest selling point of this game is the combat system … Continue reading


Pixel8bit: Episode 01

Join Maestro, Belmont, ToastmanX, and Linch in the first ever Pixel8bit podcast Episode #1.  We talk about the Switch, and gaming news.  Figure out if the switch is up your ally, and hear what we have to say about Nintendo’s latest console.          


Op-Ed: Wii Gonna Switch It Up On U

By guest writer Halacy Kurenski Two generations ago, Nintendo lost me. The Wii had a new and innovative idea but it didn’t have the robust, exclusive and mature titles I wanted. They lost me and similar gamers who stuck with Nintendo. Since the Wii, Nintendo seems to be embracing the family-friendly market but I rarely … Continue reading


PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary

Last Wednesday was the anniversary of the first PlayStation, a console that helped change the video game industry. It’s CD support attracted several publishers to release exclusives for Sony while Nintendo was still using cartridges and it was more than a video game console since it could play music CDs. To celebrate the consoles anniversary … Continue reading


Hardcore: A POV Action Movie

There’s a lot of buzz going around about a sci-fi action film shot from a different perspective than the usual feature. Gamers will relate the, possibly upcoming, movie Hardcore to a modern-day FPS since the entire movie is basically a shoot-em-up from the protagonist’s point-of-view. The plot is about a cyborg named, Henry, who is … Continue reading


Gone But Not Forgotten – History of Acclaim Entertainment

Companies come and go all the time in every industry but that doesn’t trivialize the sorrow whenever doors are closed for the last time and taking along its titles. This series will cover the games and the difficulties that companies  have suffered which lead to their eventual demise. Also, companies that died off but sold … Continue reading


Violence Against Women in Video Games

One afternoon a unique scenario played through my head. It was inspired by Anita Sarkeesian’s latest episode of Feminist-Frequency. I had to stop the show and focus on this scenario. I imagined I was playing a video game and during the game, the actions of the NPCs, or the side missions I encountered, were white … Continue reading


Assassin’s Creed IV – Black Flag Leaks and Trailer

It’s happening again. Ubisoft’s next Assassin’s Creed installment is leaking early to the internet however unlike last year (when they company went with an official announcement on Game Informer) Ubisoft is covering their tracks and having the videos pulled or moved to private but it’s the weekend who knows what’ll happen on Monday. Just about … Continue reading


E3 2012: Featured Games Cont’d

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Black Ops 2‘s demo takes place in the middle of a war-torn LA as you try to protect the president. Dramatic explosions, loud shouting and gunfire everywhere the demo doesn’t let up. Treyarch giving the series a new futuristic look and advanced weapons since it now takes place in … Continue reading