How The Division Plays Up Militia Fantasies

On Wednesday, January 6th, an insurrection took place in Washington DC. Armed, white supremacists invaded the US Capitol, while Congress was in session, in an attempt to interrupt certification of a legit election process. It was a sight never before seen. The imagery is eerily similar to Tom Clancy’s “The Division” series – part 2… Read More How The Division Plays Up Militia Fantasies

The Next Netflix

With Amazon officially entering the race of cloud-based gaming services. Eight years ago cloud streaming was only from your browser and it wasn’t a popular platform and one console with a subscription base existed but being out early with internet connections not being reliable didn’t help things take off. Fast-forward to today, cloud technology is… Read More The Next Netflix

DLCs Keep Comin’

Almost, every game that comes out these days has a DLC tacked on to it. They have been convenient with supporting a game post-launch with the ease of simple downloading and self-installing. Usually with PC games expansions were discs sold separately from the original game months after its release. To keep the player-base active and to entice new… Read More DLCs Keep Comin’