Black Mirror – Big Money

By Arnold Bowen That black screen in your pocket, on your console, your iPad, and your PC has generated up to $91 billion dollars last year according to Super Data – the gaming industry’s research provider. The expansion of gaming access from the console to the cloud and every source in-between (including the web-based YouTube and Twitch) has increased the […]

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DLCs Keep Comin’

Almost, every game that comes out these days has a DLC tacked on to it. They have been convenient with supporting a game post-launch with the ease of simple downloading and self-installing. Usually with PC games expansions were discs sold separately from the original game months after its release. To keep the player-base active and to entice new […]

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That’s So 80s

By guest writer Halacy The year was 1980-something it was the time of Reagan, Alf, high-tops (both the shoes and the hairstyle), acid washed skinny jeans and cocaine. The Hollywood movie scene was booming, plus nightclubs and drive-in diners were illuminated with neon lights. Fast-forward to the year 2000-something we have mobile phones smarter than […]

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Classic Video Game Web Series

When YouTube was in its infancy a lot of people who had filming aspirations were inspired. An easy platform to reach an audience for your product. All sorts of fan films and short films hit the website and people who wanted to tell their stories related to gaming had platform as well. Getting a cast […]

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Hints to Alan Wake 2?

By guest writer Halacy Kurenski If you take the persona of Charlie Sheen, the talent of Stephen King and a dash of Dick Tracy’s attitude and detective skills you get Alan Wake. An episodic game plays out similarly to a mystery television program, which includes narrative and plot devices normally used in TV, such as […]

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Op-Ed: Wii Gonna Switch It Up On U

By guest writer Halacy Kurenski Two generations ago, Nintendo lost me. The Wii had a new and innovative idea but it didn’t have the robust, exclusive and mature titles I wanted. They lost me and similar gamers who stuck with Nintendo. Since the Wii, Nintendo seems to be embracing the family-friendly market but I rarely […]

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PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary

Last Wednesday was the anniversary of the first PlayStation, a console that helped change the video game industry. It’s CD support attracted several publishers to release exclusives for Sony while Nintendo was still using cartridges and it was more than a video game console since it could play music CDs. To celebrate the consoles anniversary […]

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Hardcore: A POV Action Movie

There’s a lot of buzz going around about a sci-fi action film shot from a different perspective than the usual feature. Gamers will relate the, possibly upcoming, movie Hardcore to a modern-day FPS since the entire movie is basically a shoot-em-up from the protagonist’s point-of-view. The plot is about a cyborg named, Henry, who is […]

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