Hints to Alan Wake 2?

By guest writer Halacy Kurenski If you take the persona of Charlie Sheen, the talent of Stephen King and a dash of Dick Tracy’s attitude and detective skills you get Alan Wake. An episodic game plays out similarly to a mystery television program, which includes narrative and plot devices normally used in TV, such as […]

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What To Expect At E3 2012 As Of Yet

We have quite a few months until E3 2012 but rumors are flying around, left and right, about what will be announced and what won’t be. Every so often, it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening. Nintendo: The Wii sold a tremendous amount of units but sacrificed third-party support because of the console’s limitations. […]

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Cloud Gaming On The Rise

Console gaming maybe headed for a big change in the future. Due to the of successes such as Steam and OnLive. A lot of companies are turning towards cloud gaming as an alternative to selling games. A few companies have already begun: EA launched Origin last year. Gamestop is working on a streaming game service […]

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