Classic Video Game Web Series

When YouTube was in its infancy a lot of people who had filming aspirations were inspired. An easy platform to reach an audience for your product. All sorts of fan films and short films hit the website and people who wanted to tell their stories related to gaming had platform as well. Getting a cast […]

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Indie Spotlight: Nitronic Rush

Think of an intense Tron-inspired, Wipeout and San Francisco Rush arcade racer all in one. Crazy, insane, cool, off-the-wall – the game Nitronic Rush brings out several adjectives to describe it’s gameplay. Though, the game’s officially website describes it best, “an experimental survival driving game”.  With all of the excitement aside Nitronic Rush really does bring […]

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Kingdom Come

Said to be a marriage of God of War and Oblivion next, 38 Studios and Electronic Arts action RPG will hit the stores next week. Combined with the talents of comic artist and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, best-selling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore and designer for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Ken Rolston. It’s 38 Studios first […]

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Metro: Last Light

Metro: 2033 is a remarkable game. A lot of titles try to evoke despair and fleeting hope with adventure but 2033 is one of the best in the form of an fps. It had a survival feel; traveling in dark tunnels with only a flashlight, needing to scavenge for weapons and air filters or replace […]

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The Secret World

The MMO scene is cluttered with several games covering either sci-fi or medieval fantasy, matter of fact, whenever an MMO is mentioned most likely those are the first two that will come to mind. Ergo, for Funcom’s The Secret World the setting will take place in modern times though it’ll still the have factor of […]

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Revelling in the Dark

The dark, brutal, gothic title of 2007 brings Jackie Estacado back and he’s bringing The Darkness along. Based off of the comic series from Top Cow the sequel has a large bar to beat set by its predecessor- from the superb voice acting to controlling the darklings and the Darkness gameplay. There were many things […]

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It Pays To Go Free-To-Play

This October DC Universe Online will feature a free-to-play service to their game. It hasn’t been out for an entire year and it will be offering people access (though limited) to play online for no price. Of course it’s a way to gain more players to subscribe after they play or purchase games items in […]

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Drive Angry

San Fransisco is the city for crazy car races and chases. San Fransisco: Rush, Blur, Juiced, Test Drive and the Top Gear. All of these games had at least 1 title that took place in San Fransisco. 60’s actor Steve McQueen changed the location of Bullit from New York to San Fransisco because he the […]

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