Black Mirror – Big Money

By Arnold Bowen That black screen in your pocket, on your console, your iPad, and your PC has generated up to $91 billion dollars last year according to Super Data – the gaming industry’s research provider. The expansion of gaming access from the console to the cloud and every source in-between (including the web-based YouTube and Twitch) has increased the […]

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Decisions, Decisions, In Mass Effect

This is it! One of the biggest, if not the biggest, game this year released today! Commander Shepard has been fighting and warning everyone about the impending doom of the Reapers since 2007. Everything leads up to this conclusion. The story, acting, graphics everything is top-notch but there is one unique factor that makes this […]

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Mass Effect 3 Demo

Bioware released a demo of the anticipated Mass Effect 3, yesterday, for PC, PlayStation 3and Xbox 360. The demo features two parts of the story. It begins with Commander Shepard on Earth moments before the planet is invaded by the Reapers. You learn new abilities and movements as you fight your way through the invasion. Later […]

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Game Theater Ep. 009 – Best of 2011

The best of 2011 is in this episode of Game Theater and remember the second weekend of every month will be a new episode. This episode has trailers and cutscenes to most of last years greatest titles. Trying to keep this around 30 minutes, folks. [gigya-embed src=”; quality=”high” bgcolor=”#000000″  FlashVars=”distribConfig=” /><param name=”bgcolor” value=”#000000″] Elder Scrolls: […]

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