Uncensored: Michael Jackson and Sonic 3

Another chillout episode of Uncensored where we just chat and relax. We discuss the conspiracy or rumor about the King of Pop producing music for Sonic 3 and why he stepped down from the role. Give it a listen… “Smooth Criminal”, “Who Is It”, & Ice Cap Zone Act 1 …But it’s really based on…

Episode 25 – SHAME

While Kaura is out of town the boys act up. We get heavy discussing PewDiePie again in the news wit his antics [Insert Murtaugh’s I’m too old for this shit line]. Aside from out inner Malcom X’s coming out we move on to Bungie catching an offensive logo in their game, Kaz Hirai’s parody twitter…

Episode 24 – Street Fighter 30th Anniversary

Spinning Bird Kick, Hadouken! Sonic Boom! It’s the anniversary episode of the original Street Fighter and even those memorable lines are from it’s sequel. The game did set the bar for the fighting genre. In news: the Wii remote lost its lawsuit, Ark: Survival Evolved gets a live action series and Retro Atari Handheld unveiled. Sit…

Episode 23 – Sonic Strikes Back

The entire crew gathers as Sonic the Hedgehog is back in our lives! And we celebrate the new game discussing Sonic’s history, influence and where to go from here! Though, we get sidetracked about Mega Man a little bit (the feels) it’s still a show about Sonic the Hedgehog.

Half-Life: Chances

Half-Life is a series that is big. It is bigger than itself – so to speak. It’s a landmark, groundbreaking title chocked full of innovative ideas, interactive environments, and creative weapons leading a strong conspiracy narrative with a silent lead. Half-Life’s legacy isn’t solely known for it’s stellar gameplay and stories, it’s the long wait for a sequel…

Episode 22 – Multiplayer Arena Shooters

The entire gang reconvene for another episode of P8B. Lawbreakers hit the ground running and made us wonder where arena shooters came from and if it’ll come back… A few other multiplayer shooters make a cameo, too. Join us for another episode of guns, fun and online discussion!

Episode 21 – Remasters Unlimited

Join the gang as they discuss the real point of remasters and how COD: Modern Warfare came out to a fail on Steam after much anticipation. The news covers Angry Joe’s fans getting angry that he decided to take a vacation from producing. We have that jokes and much more in the 21st episode of P8B

Pixel8Bit Episode 20 – Pokemon No

While Maestro had to sit the episode out the inmates end up running the system. No one could catch em all at the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago. Attendees couldn’t connect to play the game as we discuss what may have caused the issue and how it could’ve been prevented. Telltales has a lot on…

Pixel8Bit Episode 19 – George Romero and a Zombiefied World

Brrraaaaainsssssszzzz! The group remembers George Romero and the zombie genre that he created with his “Dead” series. How the man influenced zombie games and our favorite zombie are discussed. (A lot of Resident Evil is mentioned of course). Activision confirms and tells us to sit tight for the “real” trailer of Zombie mode for COD:…

Uncensored: Mass Effect Andromeda

Maestro and Belmont cover the ins and outs of Mass Effect Andromeda. Their impressions about the gameplay, lore, universe and the most discussed topic… the bugs. Stay a while and listen as they praise, rant and rave about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Pixel8Bit Episode 18 – Putting the E in Sports

E-sports is the talk of the town in this episode with a summary of the history of competitive gaming to professional tournaments and classified as a sport. We discuss several areas: arena shooters, sports, MOBAs and RTS games and professional teams. It seems the world has adapted to this rising sport.

Pixel8Bit Episode 17 – Inside E3

We get the inside scoop of E3 from Kaura Loft’s POV of what she saw, heard and played. Checkout her pictures and videos at Blistergaming.com. Not much news in the world but it’s some big stuff as Rockstar stood down from legal action against modding tools and Nintendo explains why AM2R was sent a cease…