Pixel8Bit Episode 15 – Predicting the Future with E3

Maestro, Halacy, Kaura, Belmont and Toastman cast their E3 predictions and expectations from high and low. A very E3-centric and silly episode. Do we have some news? We have some news? Steam shutdowns Greenlight for Direct and a solid entry fee, the latest renders from a new CryEngine and Switch Subscription details that Toast doesn’t… Read More Pixel8Bit Episode 15 – Predicting the Future with E3

Black Mirror – Big Money

By Arnold Bowen That black screen in your pocket, on your console, your iPad, and your PC has generated up to $91 billion dollars last year according to Super Data – the gaming industry’s research provider. The expansion of gaming access from the console to the cloud and every source in-between (including the web-based YouTube and Twitch) has increased the… Read More Black Mirror – Big Money