Exploring Cyberpunk 2077 – Lifepaths

One of the features CDPR have been promoting in Cyberpunk 2077 are the origin stories that will introduce you to the seamy streets of Night City. These lifepaths are major details to the setting of your character; they don’t just introduce you to the game’s world, it will choose where you begin, who you meet… Read More Exploring Cyberpunk 2077 – Lifepaths

Game Theater Ep. 007 – Trailer Edition

[gigya-embed src=”http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioBPFX.swf?r=3700023″ quality=”high” wmode=”transparent” FlashVars=”distribConfig=http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/configFiles/distribconfig_mwm_pcw_default.php&autoPlay=false&autoSound=.75&rssFeed=/%3FsId%3D26923%26sMediaId%3D8131734%26format%3Djson&isWidget=true&fwSiteSection=embed” name=” bgcolor=”#000000″ name=”MevioBPFX” align=”middle”allowScriptAccess=”always”allowFullScreen=”] Hey folks! Adding a bonus, extended episode of Game Theater and this one has a certain theme with it. This special edition is nothing but trailers and previews to upcoming and recently released titles. Enjoy the show.

Game Theater Ep. 006

[gigya-embed src=”http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioBPFX.swf?r=3700023″ quality=”high” wmode=”transparent” FlashVars=”distribConfig=http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/configFiles/distribconfig_mwm_pcw_default.php&autoPlay=false&autoSound=.75&rssFeed=/%3FsId%3D26923%26sMediaId%3D8131390%26format%3Djson&isWidget=true&fwSiteSection=embed” name=” bgcolor=”#000000″ name=”MevioBPFX” align=”middle”allowScriptAccess=”always”allowFullScreen=”] Game Theater has returned from hiatus everyone! Blister Gaming presents the 6th episode of Game Theater. Chocked full of action-packed of today’s and yesterday’s cutscenes and trailers. Featuring the following games… Batman: Arkham Asylum Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Deus… Read More Game Theater Ep. 006