Weekly Round-Up

AOC’s debuts Twitch becomes One of the Highest Watched Streams Ever On Monday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get out the vote?” The following day she started her first ever Twitch broadcast with fellow US House Representative Ilman Ohar, along with popular streamers Pokimane, HasanAbi.… Read More Weekly Round-Up

Game Theater Ep. 007 – Trailer Edition

[gigya-embed src=”http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioBPFX.swf?r=3700023″ quality=”high” wmode=”transparent” FlashVars=”distribConfig=http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/configFiles/distribconfig_mwm_pcw_default.php&autoPlay=false&autoSound=.75&rssFeed=/%3FsId%3D26923%26sMediaId%3D8131734%26format%3Djson&isWidget=true&fwSiteSection=embed” name=” bgcolor=”#000000″ name=”MevioBPFX” align=”middle”allowScriptAccess=”always”allowFullScreen=”] Hey folks! Adding a bonus, extended episode of Game Theater and this one has a certain theme with it. This special edition is nothing but trailers and previews to upcoming and recently released titles. Enjoy the show.