Exploring Cyberpunk 2077 – Braindance

One of the most popular forms of entertainment is Braindance, a personalized version of virtual reality entirely first-person. The user immerses themselves in digital recordings of personal experiences through specific augments they are streamed to the neural system to invoke a response for the user to ‘feel’ what they are seeing. In layman terms, it’s a headset that relive someone else’s recording from their perspective, see what they see and feel what they feel.

The user puts on a BD headset and plug in a data disk and relive the recording

Earlier this summer, we saw a full demo of a Maelstrom gangster holding up a store. V explained that they felt the gangster emotions and went back to actually edit the video being able to move out of first-perspective to explore more of the world around.

It explores recordings and editing. Besides watching Braindance videos or making recordings from an implant to sell on the market some Braindance’s can be edited in Analysis mode. You’ll be able to fast-forward, pause, rewind and put out specific moments. It will be used to find information while investigating specific missions.

Braindance will be in different forms of videos such as adventure, comedy or even sex however, since criminal BDs are illegal, snuff content, those have to be acquired in the black market along with other illegal wares.

We know, Braindance will play largely in the main campaign but hopefully it’ll be a fun component to watch other videos especially of BD celebrity videos. Side effects have been mentioned before but we’ll see if those are experienced in gameplay.

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