Pixel8Bit Episode 8 – Collector’s Edition

Hold on to your wallet and put on your seat belt. If you need the scoop then Toastman X is gonna give it to ya. He tells the crew all about the worth and cost of today’s and yesterday’s hits. I may not be Turok but the the sequel is back and remastered. Colin Moriarty leaving … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 7 – Game Gospel

If you’ve never touched a video game in your life, and have always wanted try them out, but don’t know where to start? Then join ToastmanX, Luciferbelmont, Maestro, Linch and Halacy, in this crazy episode 7. If you like movies then you’ll like video games. But don’t worry we recommend trying out what you will … Continue reading

That’s So 80s

By guest writer Halacy The year was 1980-something it was the time of Reagan, Alf, high-tops (both the shoes and the hairstyle), acid washed skinny jeans and cocaine. The Hollywood movie scene was booming, plus nightclubs and drive-in diners were illuminated with neon lights. Fast-forward to the year 2000-something we have mobile phones smarter than … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 6

With no further delay episode 6 has dropped! We dissect the decima engine and give our thoughts and impressions on the look of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Microsoft might convince one of us to buy an Xbox One after announcing the Xbox Pass service. Sleeping Dogs, will now become a movie inspired by a game that … Continue reading

Classic Video Game Web Series

When YouTube was in its infancy a lot of people who had filming aspirations were inspired. An easy platform to reach an audience for your product. All sorts of fan films and short films hit the website and people who wanted to tell their stories related to gaming had platform as well. Getting a cast … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 5

Episode 5 is here! We’re coming out of the gates with one BIG topic: Games based or inspired by movies. Our question’s are answered about the virtual console but leaves us with more questions. Gamestop’s Circle of Life is getting a new patch. Ubisoft nabbed a few serious Telltale Games employees, now Assassin’s Creed’s storyline … Continue reading

Hints to Alan Wake 2?

By guest writer Halacy Kurenski If you take the persona of Charlie Sheen, the talent of Stephen King and a dash of Dick Tracy’s attitude and detective skills you get Alan Wake. An episodic game plays out similarly to a mystery television program, which includes narrative and plot devices normally used in TV, such as … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit: Episode 4

Welcome back to Episode 4, for the latest and the greast news.  Linch and Halacy are back for this episode, we have discussions about Pediepie,  The Circle of Life is no Simba, and new content from Final Fantasy XIV. Listen as Lucifer Belmont loses his mind about turn base and QTEs.  We got a crazy … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit: Episode 3

We go medieval on you about our satisfaction with lopping off heads. Maestro struggles with a case of the giggles, Salute crashes the party and Belmont explains his disdain for the game of the year the Last of Us and Toastman brings in the real talk.

Pixel8Bit: Episode 02

Get your body ready a second episode of Pixel8Bit! We discuss the best games of 2016 with Maestro, Toast, Halacy, and Maestro.  Ever wonder why music in video games keeps getting better and better? We tackle it and discuss some great soundtracks. Oh, and watch out wearing that Fur coat in a video game PETA … Continue reading