Pixel8Bit Episode 13 – VR and It’s Future

This podcast we wonder if Kaura Loft sang Happy Birthday, we let the people decide.  We also talk about VR and where  we thing it’s heading. We are also bringing the latest and greatest in gaming news.  Mass Effect on Ice, Fighting Game controversy, Drugs being Sold In a video game store!? Is it Germany or … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 12 – WeekiLeaks

We can fucking curse! We’re officially goddamn explicit on iTunes and other streaming networks ergo fucking Episode 12 has been leaked… errr… umm… released. After the leak of Darksiders III the P8B crew discuss the recent leaks of COD WII and Shadow of War and if they are tied to E3. The meat and potatoes of the episode … Continue reading

Tragically Cancelled – StarCraft: Ghost

Video Game development is not an easy business and a lot of games don’t get to make the cut and it’s sad to see an anticipated title never release, all of that hard work and hours for nothing. Financial issues, changed ideas, wrong timing, businesses shutting down or getting bought any bump can kill a game … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 11 – A Night At The Arcade

F*** off! Don’t mess with Linch during WoW! Join the P8B crew (Maestro, Belmont, Toast, Halacy, Linch and Kaura Loft) as we drop our most… “memorable” arcade experiences: some fun, some weird and some sad. News was all about the the NES Classic being discontinued in North America and a clever kid trying to trick … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 10b – Nintendo Hangin’ In There

Join The P8B crew Maestro, Lucifer Belmont, Toastman X, Halacy, Linch Lord and our guest Kaura Loft! As we cover the second topic from episode 10! Belmont throws down the gauntlet and debates if Nintendo has the quality and legs to hold up against the Xbox’s newest Scorpio after the specs are announced. It was … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 10a – Multiplayer and the Community

It’s the 10th episode of P8B and celebrate it by trying to answer the hardest question: How do you fix a toxic community? Featuring Kaura Loft, we also explore if multiplayer is even necessary for every video game out there and, hey, where’s my single player campaign? No time for news but time to respawn!

Pixel8Bit Episode 9

Do you like Wrestlin’? Halacy, Toast, and Luciferbelmont go inside the ring to talk about wrestling video games, the rosters, the stories, and game mechanics. We go through a history of wrestling games, from LJN, to THQ, all the way through 2K Games. Hear Luciferbelmont spill out the Destiny 2, Wipeout Omega Collection, and Persona 5 news. Are … Continue reading

DLCs Keep Comin’

Almost, every game that comes out these days has a DLC tacked on to it. They have been convenient with supporting a game post-launch with the ease of simple downloading and self-installing. Usually with PC games expansions were discs sold separately from the original game months after its release. To keep the player-base active and to entice new … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 8 – Collector’s Edition

Hold on to your wallet and put on your seat belt. If you need the scoop then Toastman X is gonna give it to ya. He tells the crew all about the worth and cost of today’s and yesterday’s hits. I may not be Turok but the the sequel is back and remastered. Colin Moriarty leaving … Continue reading

Pixel8Bit Episode 7 – Game Gospel

If you’ve never touched a video game in your life, and have always wanted try them out, but don’t know where to start? Then join ToastmanX, Luciferbelmont, Maestro, Linch and Halacy, in this crazy episode 7. If you like movies then you’ll like video games. But don’t worry we recommend trying out what you will … Continue reading