Exploring Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs

During the recession of 2020 gangs rose up and took over sections of Night City, some locations have been outright abandoned by the local law enforcement and corporations thus letting gangs roam freely in those spots. Gangs have their own personality and rules of letting things run smoothly or wild and chaotic. V will have to navigate the streets doing jobs for gangs but never joining one due to the mercenary lifestyle.


Residing in the industrial district of Watson this violent gang is obsessed with cyberware modifications and combat upgrades to the extent they nearly suffer CyberPsychosis – losing a sense of one’s self and viewing others without remorse. They’re main business is smuggling and conducting hits, while sending a brutal message. The Maelstroms also run a nightclub, Totentanz, playing neo-death metal music.


While the Maelstrom’s are obsessed with body modifications, the Animals are crazy about bioware and “Juice” to enhance their bodybuilding physique. Usually found allover Night City, they’re originally from West Pacifica and tend to return to the district. They sell their services as bodyguards, conduct illegal trade and host underground prize fights.

Voodoo Boys

Another gang in Pacifica, the Voodoo Boys were originally a sadistic sect of Creole priests and priestesses involved in dealing drugs. After Haiti flooded from climate change the Haitians migrated to West Pacifica and repurposed the Voodoo Boys; first they look after the Haitan refugees and, second, trying to pierce the Blackwall to the old net. The Voodoo Boys are expert Netrunners and make their income from cracking databanks and corporate accounts or taking on Netrunning jobs.


Spread out around Night City in Heywood, The Glen and Vista Del Rey the Valentinos are a gang of mostly Mexican heritage, but open to others joining, they proudly display their tattoos and jewelry. Loyalty is a large factor to the Valentinos and they have no tolerance to betrayal. Since they’re in several locations in Night City the Valentinos own several types of local businesses, under the surface they can easily be a front for stolen vehicles and laundering schemes.

6th Street

A local militia founded by veterans with the ideology of protecting their neighborhoods from gangs eventually became one themselves. Mostly full of veterans of recent military engagements and corporate security positions while others are civilians with military training. The 6th leans heavily on racketeering and offering a “combat taxi service” for other mercenaries.

Tiger Claws

Controlling a large portion of Japantown, The Tiger Claws are a gang that likes to be low-key regarding their operations and businesses. Very light on cyberware and bioware instead they invest in cutting-edge weapons and rely on martial arts. Though, initially a Japanese gang the Tiger Claws have other eastern ethnicities and culture representing them. Most of their weapons are imported by Arasaka and the gang actually has close ties to the corporation that neither side prefer to be publicized.


After the cruel death of the famous brothel owner, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden, who stood up to the Tiger Claws after one of her workers were killed the Moxes were formed. Coining the term “moxy” they work to protect their own and prevent another Elizabeth Borden incident. Usually hostile only towards Tiger Claws, the Moxes keep to themselves and operate several brothels for profit.


Harvesting citizens implants and organs to turn a profit, Scavengers, target almost anyone in Night City. Not really lacking a real organization except for small groups throughout the city tagging territory.

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