Versus: Portable Gaming – The Next Generation

Lately, things have been heating up when it comes down to portable systems. Nintendo held it’s 3DS conference just after Sony announced the NGP to inform gamers of their new product and rattle Nintendo’s feathers at the same time. Two vastly different handhelds are coming out this year.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is going for initiative gameplay over high-res graphics again with their portable system. The graphics are low-end like the Wii since the main draw is that it will play games in 3D and require no glasses. It is very similar to the DSi with the touch screen on the bottom and 3D screen on the top. Another feature is an analog circle pad, that Nintendo even stated will feel similar to the N64. The 3DS will have a built-in motion sensor and gyroscope so games will respond to tilts and shifts. Lastly, one camera inward facing takes a picture of user and 2 cameras facing out take 3D pictures.
Nintendo dropped the price of $250 and it will release in March.

Sony NGP

On the other end of the spectrum is Sony’s handheld system. It’s secret name by Sony is NGP (Next Generation Portable) while gamers are also calling it PSP2. No matter the name, its main draw is its graphic capabilities “…visually striking graphics never seen before on a portable entertainment system.” featuring 2 cameras (front and rear), 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, a touch screen on the front and the back, a six-axis motion sensing system, and answer to several criticisms to the PSP – this will have dual joy sticks.
Another big feature is that it can play PS3 games remotely. If you’re connected to any Wi-Fi signal and your PS3 is set to standby with a game inside, you can play that game on your NGP. It’s a Swiss-army knife of portable gaming.

Both of these have their similarities and differences. Nintendo is sticking to their guns for creativity and innovation with the 3D draw. Sony is sticking to their guns for console-like gameplay and a wide range of functions. Questions arise towards the NGP since Nintendo answered theirs recently. What’s the price point? Is it too bulky? How long will the battery life last? We’ll see when Sony reveals more information especially the name.

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